Neurodivergent is a brain state that differs from society’s standard of typical. “Neurodivergence (the state of being neurodivergent) can be largely or entirely genetic and innate, or it can be largely or entirely produced by brain-altering experience, or some combination of the two…”. For example, you might be born with autism, but you might acquire depression from a traumatic experience later in life.

Although we know that neurodivergents don’t necessarily need to fit into specific categories, here we talk about conditions such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, auditory processing, sensory processing, Tourette Syndrome, bipolar, personality conditions, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, OCD, eating and weight conditions, BFRBs, CPTSD/PTSD, epilepsy, and more; plus, all the overlaps and in betweens!


  • We are fighting society’s stigma surrounding being different to the typical neurological state. We want to raise neurodivergents up so that, where possible, they can excel!

  • We acknowledge that neurodivergents don’t always fit neatly into categorical boxes and often experience traits at varying severities across a range of different conditions, many of which overlap.

  • It is up to the individual neurodivergent to decide if they accept or reject their diagnostic label/s. Whether clinically diagnosed, self-diagnosed, preferring labels or disliking them, we work to create our very best selves and improve not only our lives but the lives of other neurodivergents.

  • We are not saying that our brains are perfect and that we wouldn’t like help for certain elements (for example, we may love our autism but hate our anxiety, or we may love part of our ADHD but hate another part). We simply assert that we come with much to offer and we ask for allowances and accomodations in the workplace, schools, and in our social environments, so that we can deliver our unique abilities to the world.

  • There is an argument to be made that the etiology of all conditions is either genetic, environmental, or both; therefore, we don’t discriminate between conditions that arise from birth or those that we acquire. Everyone is equally deserved of being raised up to reach their true potential.

  • It is the choice of the neurodivergent alone if they wish to seek out help. We support treatment regimes that aim to work with the neurodivergent to realise their potential strengths and eliminate only what the individual decides is necessary.

  • We acknowledge that there are very young children, and those on the more severely affected end of diagnostic categories who are not able to advocate for themselves. We support their caregivers in their personal decisions to do what’s best.

  • This site is not a place to belittle neurotypicals but instead to celebrate and praise our many neurodivergent qualities, while lamenting our everyday frustrations. It is also not a place to argue with each other. Please treat others’ opinions with respect and decency.

What We Do

Here at Planet Neurodivergent, we espouse the motto ‘strengths and challenges’. 

Our neurodivergent writers and vloggers will share with you their lived experiences (championing the strengths of their conditions and offering tips for the challenges). 

We also offer the planet’s first online marketplace of neurodivergent and mental health services. 

It is the neurodivergent’s choice to seek help for any aspect of their condition that they wish to change. Here we aim to provide a list of service providers who will work with you to bring out your best qualities, to help you reach for the stars.

We aim to include coaches (specialised in many different conditions), counsellors, occupational therapists, tutors, alternative practitioners (such as body language specialists, mindfulness practitioners, speech pathologists, yoga instructors, hypnosis therapists, music therapists, and neurofeedback practitioners), nutritionists, psychologists, medical specialists, camps, programs, apps, podcasts, blogs, and not-for-profit sites.

If you would like to list a service, please see here. If you know a great service provider, invite them here.

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