We want to see every single neurodivergent on this planet happy, thriving and successful - balanced between staying on top of your challenges and giving back to the planet with your extraordinary gifts.


This project is perfect for you if you are any of the following:


⁃      seeking help with challenges

⁃      need support with obtaining diagnosis or a current diagnosis

⁃      are stuck on a particular issue and need to work through it

⁃      are unsure what your strengths are OR you know what your strengths are and are unsure which direction to take

⁃      are simply motivated to conquer the world and desire guidance to bring out your best!


The Neurodivergents Shoot for the Stars Project! begins with Step 1 - an initial 90 minute session designed to assess your needs and get you moving on the right trajectory.  Your facilitator will be neurodivergent, themselves, fully qualified with the International Coaching Federation, and have mental health first-aid certification.


You can expect:

⁃      Absolute validation of your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and wishes

⁃      A frank discussion surrounding your neurodivergence

⁃      To clarify exactly what you’re seeking or what your ideal life would look like

⁃      To identify key strategic milestone objectives on how to get there

⁃      A written action plan - including, if appropriate, practitioner recommendations to help you achieve your new life


For some, Step 1 may be sufficient and you can take it from there.  Others may require support from us as they implement their plan, or assistance from our associate practitioners.  

Note, each of the trusted practitioners we refer to (if required) are neurodivergent themselves and have expertise in the area of your specific neurodivergent conditions.



Your initial session will be delivered online via a private video link.  Talk to us during a break at work, or curled up on your couch, from absolutely anywhere in the world.

Let us help you reach for the stars!

Note, we do not medically diagnose or treat conditions. We work with you to help you decide where you want to go, and help you make adjustments to get there. If you require diagnosis or medical treatment, we can point you in the right direction and support you through the process.