Time-savvy Audiobook and Infographic Summaries


Perfect for people with ADHD or Dyslexia

Symptoms of ADHD and Dyslexia such as inattention and impaired reading ability can bog you down in a modern, time-poor, world. To negate this, adding time-saving measures to your daily routine is fundamental.  An effective trick is to trial apps and programs designed to enhance personal growth, and simplify your life.  A common staple for many people is to utilise the benefits of audiobooks, but with so many sites competing in this arena how do you know which to choose?

Try these steps:


Not those steps! 😜

These steps:
1)  To reduce your overall browsing and selection time, begin by choosing a site that specialises in providing summaries in your preferred genre.

2)  Decide on a payment plan.  Prices vary from site to site, with options to purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions, or individually on a book-by-book basis.

3)  Last, and perhaps most importantly, consider your learning style, especially if you have attention issues, dyslexia, or other learning difficulties.

As many books ( in particular non-fiction books) can be difficult to absorb when you have dyslexia or ADHD, ideally you should select a site that offers summaries in multiple modalities,.

Readingraphics offer summaries in both audio and text form, plus, their true pièce de résistance is colourful, single page, infographic summaries!  The pics used are perfect for people with dyslexia, and ideal for conquering attention and memory issues.  This triple whammy engages your senses and aids idea retention by cementing those newly formed neuronal pathways.  You can even print the posters of your favourite summaries, to reinforce key insights. They currently specialise in personal development and business books. Whether it’s a growth book like ‘Finding Flow’ by Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi, Richard Branson’s business classic ‘Like a Virgin’, or ‘The Power of Now’ by Ekhart Tolle, there’s a simple and easy-to-digest book summary, audiobook, and infographic package for everyone.  

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Infographics are useful to combat an ADHD short attention span and any reading difficulties!

Infographics are useful to combat an ADHD short attention span and any reading difficulties!

What about other types of audiobook and summaries?

  • If you’re looking just for text summaries of books, try: Jamesclear.com (love this guy, he summarises a huge range of self-improvement books in just 3 sentences); Fourminutebooks.com ( an extensive range of titles); actionablebooks.com (business books); bookvideoclub.com (they even have video summaries of books); sparknotes.com (study guides, test prep, and flashcards); and Soundview at summary.com (providing you with more detailed summaries, at around 6000 words each).

  • If you’re after text and audio summaries, try these guys: Blinkist.com (well-established, with an extensive library of over 3000 books); blog.12min.com (offers a free trial); and Getabstract.com (over 20,000 non-fiction books in a wide array of categories - they even summarise TED talks!).

What’s your favourite way to combat attention span and reading difficulties? Do you know of any other companies?