The Planet Neurodivergent Marketplace is the perfect place to locate, buy, or sell neurodivergent and mental health services!


At Planet Neurodivergent, we believe that neurodivergents have strengths that need to be discovered, nurtured, and expressed to the world.

We also acknowledge that with the good sometimes comes the bad, and neurodivergents often seek help to conquer the frustrating elements of their conditions.

It is a neurodivergent’s choice to seek help for any aspect of their condition that they wish to change. Here we aim to provide a list of professionals who will work with you to bring out your best qualities and minimise or eliminate what isn’t working for you.

Our marketplace has been designed to bring together service providers that assist the neurodivergent and mental health community, all under one cyber-roof! You can browse, compare, and book, all with the click of a button.

While some listed providers require you to attend their physical location, many deliver their services via videolink so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

We also have listings of neurodivergent blogs, apps, games, podcasts, websites, and social media channels.

We aim to include:

ADHD Coaches

Mindfulness Practitioners

Anxiety Coaches


Dyslexia Specialists

Autism Specialists



Bipolar Coaches

Depression Coaches

Occupational Therapists

Life Coaches

Healthy Weight Coaches

Art Therapists



Medical Professionals

Camps & Specialty Programs

Mental Health Coaches


Addiction Specialists

Yoga Practitioners

Body Language Specialists

PTSD & Trauma Coaches

Speech & Language Specialists

Career Coaches

Social Media Channels


BPD Coaches

Tourette’s Specialists

Hypnosis & NLP Specialists



and much more…

For a full list, see the marketplace homepage.

For further information on How to List and How to Buy from the market, please see here.